Mission Statement

From the beginning, 

The Charles Grace Band was founded on the premise of "Lets do something totally different" "To create our own niche" and fill it. 

The decision was made to select songs that no other bands were doing on any given night. 

That meant selecting songs, that are "outside" of the box and introducing or re-introducing those songs to the fans who may know of the radio hit, not realizing the artist has other really good offerings. 

My vision for CGB is to become a premier band in the midwest and beyond. 

From corporate events to special galas ,We want to be known as "the band" to call for your special occasion or event. Our mission: 

To always strive to bring excitement, outstanding performances and professionalism to your event. 

If it's got a groove we play it. 

If it's got Soul we slay it 

If it's Rock we own it 

We are your band 

We are CGB ! 

and we are your band !